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Merits of Connecting Radiology Software to EHR Software

RIS or radiology information software is a system made to monitor, control and include medical imagery information for ease of use. Hospitals and other health institutions that have tested and tried the use of this software can surely attest to its many benefits. As though this isn’t enough IT experts and doctors have discovered a method to utilize sustained benefits out of this area and that’s by linking the radiology software towards the EHR application. Listed here are a few of the merits at are related to this combination.

Quick workflow

Individually the radiology application is assigned with keeping image data for individuals while the EHR application is assigned with keeping another medical information. As a result of the separate storage places when it comes to data retrieval it means that the data have to be obtained from different places. This is time consuming as opposed to having them at a common place. Therefore the integration of this two software is important as it helps centralize the patient’s data for easy retrieval and access.
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Cost efficient
Solutions – Getting Started & Next Steps

Computerizing a hospital’s medical document through the integration of RIS and EHR assists by far cut big costs for the organization. For instance, instead of employing a lot of staff and purchasing tons of papers so as to record the medical history of your patients you will only have to purchase a functioning computer, a software and employee one personnel to handle all your patients. By doing this you will be saving in employee wages and minimizing the huge office expenses.

Improved staff morale

With the advancement in technology, paper work is increasing becoming one of the leading causes of lack of employee morale. How so one would ask. With the huge paper works achieving and retrieving a patient’s record even just a week old becomes extremely hard. However this is no more cause of alarm more so with the integration of software such as RIS and EHR as medical practitioners can access their patients’ records by a click of a button.

Quality care an individual safety

Patient’s healthcare and protection has exceptionally been increased through this merging of the EHR and also the RIS software. Now more than ever a doctor is able to access the clinical records of his or her patient with ease at any place thereby improving the legitimacy of clinical notes. This thereby has helped contribute to quality care as patients are being diagnosed and treated correctly.

There are numerous merits that come with the integration of this two important medical software. In order for any health care organization to be able to benefit it is key that they make an informed software purchase decision.